What We Do


What We Do


Consult. Create. Have fun.

We know your brand is much more than just a logo. Call us ‘trendy,’ we don’t mind. Today’s World is fast-paced, complex and competitive. A strong brand creates recognition and loyalty. Promotional merchandise is more popular than ever. We are committed to providing you with unique solutions that get results.

What’s important to us?

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Supply Chain

With 20 years under our belt, we’ve forged deep relationships with vendors & contractors World Wide.   They know us & trust us.   This ‘behind the scenes’ element to our business is as important as client relationships. 




Partnership is paramount. We know you.  We know your brand.  We know your clients. We understand that each customer is different. We celebrate & enhance your individuality. 




Our team adds value at every level. Through ideas and design, our goal is to create memorable merchandise that makes an impression on the recipient. With a vast knowledge of process, our designers deliver results.




Presentation is paramount. Custom boxes, gift wrap, deluxe ribbon, tissue, belly bands – you name it. How it looks is as important as what’s inside.




With Emoro, in addition to your point-of-contact, you also have our ‘behind the scenes’ team that works collaboratively to meet your needs.  At any given time, you can contact anyone on the team and they will be able to help you.   Everyone has a deep understanding of each client, allowing us to deliver unparalleled service and exceed expectations.